Healthcare, 23 April 2021

COVID-19 and NCD care in rural Uganda

Despite limitations, our team members in Nakaseke districtcontinue to provide safe and sustainable healthcare and education for hypertensive patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging health systems on a global scale. Low-middle-income countries are threatened tremendously due to weaker health systems. Testing capacities and the access to intensive care are rather limited in urban and rural Uganda. Our partner organisation ACCESS Uganda is committed to continue providing NCD education and care to patients suffering from non-communicable diseases. Therefore, the weekly consultations for hypertensive patients continue to take place in the three NCD clinics.

Led by Dr. Kalyesubula, the team ensures a high standard of safety and precautionary measures. Continued access to medication and care is critical for NCD patients at all times. This becomes even more visible in times of a global pandemic. Examples from developed countries such as Germany show that health systems are struggling to provide continuous access to treatment for patients. Especially people suffering from chronic diseases like cancer have difficulties to receive proper care. However, chronic disease patients are most at risk of suffering tremendously when contracting a COVID-19 infection. Therefore, the physicians and doctors at ACCESS are doing their best in providing care and keeping patients safe.

We would like to thank all staff members at ACCESS Uganda for their outstanding work and flexibility during these challenging times.