Balamu, 12 November 2021

First Annual Report

We are delighted to share the first annual report of our second funding period.

Overall, we were able to achieve our first years’ objectives. It was a challenging time, as continuous adaption to the health policy climate was required. We adjusted protocols and standard operating procedures to ensure that NCD patients can continue to receive care and research activities can be planned despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some achievements from the first year in summary:

  • We recruited a local-led implementation team and trained 25 community health workers
  • NCD clinic attendance of almost 4,000 visits by over 1,000 patients
  • Development of two study protocols for a CHW- delivered NCD treatment system.
  • We are in the finalisation phase of developing a local Electronic Medical Record system
  • Five research fellows from Uganda and Germany conduct post graduate, graduate and medical research work
  • Establishment of a Community Advisory Board to ensure support and integration of the local community leaders
  • We published three scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. Two additional papers are under peer-review.
  • We created a corporate design and launched our Twitter channel @balamu_NCD

Especially in times of Covid-19, noncommunicable diseases remain a major cause of morbidity and mortality, which mostly affects low-income countries such as Uganda. Therefore, we are very grateful for the support we have received.

You can download the full report here.