People, 15 January 2022

Meet Hellen Namugenyi

Hellen supports our studies by confirming measurements in the field and in the clinics. 

Hellen supports our work at the project site in Nakaseke as a research nurse. Her work primarily involves confirming measurement results and referrals from our community health workers in the field. Her professional interest in working in the Balamu project is early diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Uganda. Hellen aims to identify study participants with hypertension and diabetes mellitus from the community in the order they are referred to our facility for early treatment. In addition, she educates the community participants on how they can control themselves from acquiring non-communicable diseases through exercise and lifestyle adjustment.
“Non-communicable disease Research if well conducted and undertaken, will reduce the number of deaths worldwide.”
Being a rural health care professional, Hellen has a strong professional and personal interest in the reduction of non-communicable diseases. She aims to reduce NCD morbidity and mortality in Nakaseke district. In addition, she believes that our research work creates awareness among vulnerable community members.