People, 30 September 2022

Meet James Karahuka

James supports the Balamu project as a clinical officer, providing care in our NCDs clinics and confirming measurements in the field for our studies. 

James supports the Balamu project as a clinical officer in our NCDs clinics and in the field. In his work, he focuses on confirming hypertension and diabetes mellitus. He confirms referrals issued to participants by community health workers. His duties include taking blood and urine samples for later analysis and measuring participants’ weight and height.
“Noncommunicable Diseases Research and Education if successfully and well conducted and undertaken, it will reduce disease complications, mortality and morbidity rates hence improving human health in the community and Uganda at large.”
James has a strong interest in early diagnosis and reducing complications of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as stroke and kidney failure. Furthermore, he focuses on raising awareness and reducing morbidity and mortality rates for NCDs in sub-Saharan Africa by providing education and care to vulnerable community members at risk of NCDs. So, James aims to ensure that our participants and the community acquire prior knowledge about NCDs, such as diet control, exercise, and stress management in order to improve quality of life in rural communities.