People, 20 October 2022

Meet Jana Kimmel

Jana is a fellow of the Balamu Exchange Program, which gives her the opportunity to conduct NCD research in the highly interesting field of gynecology in rural Uganda.

She is a 5th-year undergraduate medical student from the Charité working as a coordinator for the Cervical Cancer sub-project.

As a doctoral candidate she focuses on the acceptability of screening performed for HPV associated cervical cancer and its implications for our patients. Jana aims for a better understanding of how we can best approach women and identify what barriers prevent them from participating in the screening program. Therefore, she is using a mixed-method approach, using quantitive data as well as collecting interviews.

Currently, Jana is working on training community health workers at the community level to provide them with all the necessary information to successfully conduct screening, referral, and further patient care in the field. Jana’s main interest is women’s health and early prevention of common diseases. As a member of the Balamu team, Jana hopes to gain knowledge about working in an international, interdisciplinary team in the field of medicine and learn from the experiences of our Ugandan colleagues.