People, 1 December 2022

Meet Julia Gaal

Julia is a fourth-year medical student supporting the Balamu project as a student assistant.

She joined the project in 2021 as an undergraduate research fellow and conducted her research project to obtain the first state exam on barriers to NCD medication availability and accessibility in rural Uganda. While at the project site, her research focused on new insights into how barriers to health services access can be reduced. Since then, Julia has been assisting our team with administrative and scientific projects. She particularly enjoys working on projects related to disease patterns associated with impaired kidney function e.g., hypertension and diabetes mellitus. In addition, Julia also supports our student exchange program, which allows Charité students to complete clinical rotations in Uganda.

Furthermore, she received a scholarship from the Balamu Exchange Program to complete her internal medicine rotation in the Medical Emergency Department at Mulago National Referral Hospital. There she gained knowledge of internal medicine, infectious diseases, and practicing medicine from a lower level of resources. In doing so, she not only had the opportunity to improve her medical skills but also to further shape her future career in global health.

In addition to her studies, Julia supports an NGO that works to improve medical care in Africa. Julia is particularly interested in nephrology and global health. As a future physician, she would like to advocate for access to medical care for everyone.