People, 1 March 2023

Meet Pius Kiwanuka

Pius is dedicated towards mobilizing community members to engage in our project activities by following up participants and monitoring CHWS’ activities.

Pius went to different colleges for higher education and completed a Diploma in Theology at Christian Care College with a distinctive goal of reaching out to different people. Socially, Pius has worked with different schools as a teacher in primary and secondary education. With that passion, Pius has embraced a fantastic interest in relating with people and dealing with their challenges.
“NCD research and education has not only illuminated the patients (victims) but also me as an individual depending on the trainings and practical exercises taken. I have also acquired different skills and Ideas through this project and using different equipments like the BPs machine.”
Pius’ personal objective in the Balamu Project is to support or enhance the project’s objectives and goals with majorly encouraging NCD patients live a positive life. Furthermore, Pius primarily focus on ensuring that every community member gets to know the Balamu Project and those NCD patients adhere to the scheduled clinic visits and treatments.