People, 1 February 2023

Meet Samuel Zziwa

Samuel supports the Balamu project as our laboratory technician by conducting laboratory investigations and experiments. 

Zziwa Samuel is a laboratory technician working with the Balamu project. He graduated from Uganda Instate of Allied Health and Management Sciences Mulago which is commonly known as paramedical with a first-class lower diploma. His major role in the Balamu project is to conduct and support laboratory scientific investigations and experiments. While in school, he worked with laboratory technicians from Nakaseke General Referral Hospital and discovered a medically strange disease known as congo heamologic fever were patient’s CBC results had zero platelets count.

“In Uganda, NCDs were neglected for a long time, so many community members were not aware of their disease. Through research and laboratory investigation, we are able to diagnose and enroll patients in our patient-centered studies. In this way, new treatments and better care can be generated in Nakaseke today.

Samuel is passionate about improving the lives of people living in rural areas particularly in Nakaseke by improving their health through making right medical laboratory diagnosis in a limited resourceful environment and also inspiring the youth in this area to join the medical field. He personally found great benefits in improving people`s lives which includes but not limited to, working with big projects like Balamu and other medical platforms in Uganda.