People, 1 January 2023

Meet Winnie Namugula and Prossy Nabbumba


Winnie and Prossy are two of our research nurses, they support the Balamu Project by providing care and confirming measurements for our studies. 

Winnie and Prossy support the Balamu project as research nurses in our NCDs clinics and in the field. Their work mainly focuses on hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Their duties include taking blood and urine samples for later analysis and measuring participants’ weight and height. Both of them aim to reduce the prevalence of non-communicable disease in rural Uganda and provide better health care.
Winnie is a registered enrolled nurse with three years experience in both management and clinical practice. Her major role on the Balamu Project is to screen and enroll study participants. Winnie is interested in providing quality medical care to the vulnerable patients in the community. In addition, she strives to control non-communicable disease patient’s blood pressure and blood sugars through continued health education, follow-up for adherence to medical treatment and research.
Prossy is registered with Uganda Nurses’ Council. She has two years’ experience in diagnosing and management of   non-communicable diseases. She is responsible for screening and enrolling of study participants from the community. Prossy is interested in ensuring that people in hard-to-reach communities can access basic needs through supporting community outreaches. She is passionate about delivering quality health services to the people in the community.