Balamu, 16 June 2022

Publications: Measuring CHW effectiveness in hypertension control

Our team is proud to present its new publication titled ‘Effectiveness of a community health worker-delivered care intervention for hypertension control in Uganda: study protocol for a stepped wedge, cluster randomized control trial’.

As the large majority of the morbidity and mortality related to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) occurs in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs), the decentralization of care is a pressing topic to ensure access to continuous care for all.

Therefore, we aim to conduct a randomized control trial, measuring the effectiveness of Community health workers (CHWs) to control for confirmed hypertensive patients in rural Uganda. This may improve disease control and medication adherence among patients with NCDs in LMICs. In Uganda and many other LMICs, the management of hypertension needs to be managed by already overwhelemd health systems. This is the reason why we aim to intervene at the primary healthcare level. We will employ CHWs to determine the effectiveness of a CHW-led intervention in blood pressure control among confirmed hypertensive patients and patient-related factors associated with uncontrolled hypertension in Nakaseke, Uganda.

We congratulate our team for this joint effort. Please access the full publication which was published in Trials with Springer Nature here.

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